Fine & Raw and Pretty Darn Good!

Artisan chocolate straight out of Brooklyn!

When the Food Duo found out that Chelsea Market was going host 30 pop-up shops for the holidays, we upgraded a weekend shopping outing from maybe to must. With Mama Mac in tow, we headed down to the Meatpacking District (could you think of a worse name?) to sniff around and see what’s what. While navigating the crowded collection of cool, we spotted a table for a Brooklyn-based chocolatier called Fine & Raw. The table was loaded with samples, bonbons and bars of raw chocolate ensconced in snappy, fun packaging that have a handcrafted look.

According to their mission statement, Fine & Raw’s goal is to “save the world through silliness and chocolate! We craft artisan confections using conscious ingredients and innovative low heat techniques to keep the chocolate’s raw vitality and flavor.” That sold us… as well as the samples we gobbled up! With Mac in total bliss, we ended up buying the sea salt bar and mesquite bar.

The sea salt bar has a wonderful dark chocolate character with just a hint of saltiness to keep it honest. The mesquite was a tad sweeter with a sneaky, last minute bite. Because Fine & Raw uses high quality ingredients to make their yummy products, their their treats may be considered a little pricey (a bonbon is about $7.00, while a bar is about $8.50). However, the taste, flavor and handcrafted nature are totally worth it. Now, go get you some!

To find out more about Fine & Raw and to experience some chocolate greatness, visit

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