The Evriholder Microwave Chip Crisper, aka the Best $5.99 Ever Spent

Potatoes, papas, pommes de terre, spuds or taters. Whatever you call them, we just love them! Potatoes come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. You can fry them, mash them, put them in a hash or pancake. One of the best way to enjoy them is simply in a chip.
While watching a kitchen show on a home shopping channel, I was impressed with a crisper sheet that you put in the microwave. However, the nearly $30.00 price tag was not attractive enough to make the call or click to buy. Since Mac had a Groupon for her favorite kitchen store, Chef Central in Hartsdale, which needed to be redeemed, we made a trip to see if we could find something similar to what was on TV.
After getting some friendly advice from a store associate, we were pointed to the Evriholder Microwave Chip Crisper. He said that the crisper worked better than many of the expensive ones on the market. Chips would be ready in 5-6 minutes. Plus, there was no oil needed. 
With a price tag of a mere $5.99, Mac was reluctant, thinking it would be of “infomercial” quality, being a 4-piece set of hard plastic with a mandolin-like blade as part of the orange lid. However, I was daring and trusted Mr. Store Associate. Boy, was he right! Plain ole slices of Russett potatoes turned into perfectly cooked chips that were light and didn’t need any seasoning at all. 
Since our first round with the crisper, we began playing with actual seasoning, like garlic salt and cayenne. Both were great. Soon, we are going to try this out with sweet potatoes and even apples. I think you can this crisper for even more than like. What about turnip chips, banana chips, etc. etc. The possibilities are endless. 
Seriously, this was the best $5.99 we spent in 2011!

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