This Thanksgiving, Adopt A Turkey!

Meet Victoria! What a pretty girl!
Why wait for a presidential pardon for a turkey to be saved? Why not do it today? Farm Sanctuary‘s Adopt A Turkey Project is a compassionate way to be thankful this Thanksgiving by saving a turkey’s life. Since 1886, Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY (Finger Lakes region) has saved over 1,000 turkeys. And this year, we’ve added to that number by adopting Victoria. Isn’t she striking?
Now, we’re not going to preach, especially to the already converted. We’ll just say that it’s an awesome thing to do. 
Want to adopt? Click on the badge below.


2 Replies to “This Thanksgiving, Adopt A Turkey!”

  1. I posted this on my FB page – I hate too preach also, but I thought a quiet reminder that turkeys would like to be "thankful" also was in order:-) I live in Canada so we don't do the Nov. thanksgiving (it's in Oct.)

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