Autumn Cafe – Oneonta, New York

During our time in Cooperstown, we were on the hunt for good vegan eats. We did some research and found  a vegan-friendly spot in Oneonta (about 30 minutes south) that was highly recommended called The Autumn Cafe. After checking out their website and online menu, we decided to make an afternoon trip to explore the city and grab some lunch.

Oneonta is a city with a college town vibe, and The Autumn Cafe is a perfect fit. The restaurant, established in 1980, offers a good time with a series of events, live music, drinks and great food. Inside, you get a mix of a homey eatery and neighborhood pub that’s both familiar yet eclectic, meeting the tastes of all of its guests.

Tempeh Burger sans cheese and horseradish sauce – YUM YUM YUM!

After our cool waitress patiently answered all of our obligatory vegan-y questions, I ordered the Tempeh Burger, and Artie got the Hot Open Tofu. According to the menu, the Tempeh Burger was a “fried marinated tempeh ‘cutlet’ with tomato, lettuce,cheese, sauteed onions, sprouts and the cafe’s horseradish sauce on a sesame bun.” So my burger was made sans dairy, leaving out the cheese and the horseradish sauce. The Hot Open Tofu was “grilled tofu (or tempeh) on brown rice topped with a sauteed mixture of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, onions and red cabbage and golden gravy.” We learned that the golden gravy was made with nutritional yeast. These were not the only options available. The Autumn Cafe also offered a lot of other options from their house salad to hummus wraps to a tempeh pastrami sandwich.

When our food arrived, we couldn’t wait to dig in. The Tempeh Burger was delicious. Even if I were a vegetarian or omnivore, the cheese and horseradish sauce were not necessary. Their marinade gave the tempeh enough flavor that I didn’t even need ketchup, and I’m a ketchup junkie! The Hot Open Tofu was superb! I was actually jealous that Artie ordered it. The golden gravy was amazing with the tofu and veggies. We said we honestly could have just eaten the gravy with some bread and been totally satisfied. Artie and I also shared a side of roasted potatoes that were delish…even with some ketchup!

Hot Open Tofu with Golden Gravy – Iz it bad to be envious of another’s lunch?

They give you good-sized portions at The Autumn Cafe. We actually were totally stuffed after our lunch, and couldn’t even fit in a dessert. Though they normally serve ice cream and special items on their blackboard, it would have been interesting to see what they offered for us vegans. However, being in a delicious daze from the golden gravy, I don’t think we could have seen past it with our happy tummies.

The Autumn Cafe
244 Main Street
Oneonta, New York 13820


4 Replies to “Autumn Cafe – Oneonta, New York”

  1. I love this place went there this year after our visit in Cooperstown as well great food! But i have to say I love the little taverns in Cooperstown the food is awesome there. Lived in Utica NY for years and years miss these places… foods the best in Upstate NY period!Thanks for the memories

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