Foodbuzz Tastemaker: Pairing Up with Peet’s Coffee

With so many brands of coffee flooding the market, high quality java can sometimes slip through the cracks and go untried. We had heard of Peet’s Coffee during one of our many trips to Portland, OR. We had walked by one of their shops in the city, but never had the chance to try their coffee. Fortunately, thanks to Foodbuzz Tastemakers, we got to experience Peet’s Coffee, a company that was Starbucks’ original coffee supplier. We were eager to have some!

Recently, Peet’s has released 2 new flavors in their coffee line: Café Solano and Café Domingo. The Solano brew is a medium roast blend of African, Indo-Pacific and South American coffees with a floral essence with fruity undertones. While the fruitiness is subtle, there is a nice kick in flavor. The Domingo blend is also medium roast, yet has a smooth finish with more of a toffee sweetness that’s more pronounced than the Solano. 

For our taste-testing, we paired each blend with a dish to see how they complimented one another. First, we tried the Café Solano with our favorite breakfast, pumpernickel bagels with a vegan cream cheese schmear. With breakfast being our “pick-me-up” start of the day, we found that the a cup of this coffee’s floral and fruity notes worked well with the slightly sweet, yet unmistaken rye essence of the pumpernickel bagel. The added boost of coffee flavor was also complemented nicely with the cream cheese. It made for a yin-and-yang meal, to say the least! 

Later, we couldn’t wait to try to the Café Domingo blend, another medium roast coffee. The description of its smooth finish with toffee flavor definitely signaled it as a an afternoon or even an after-dinner drink. Having just gotten back from a trip to Cooperstown, NY with a bevy of apples, we had to pair the coffee with homemade vegan apple muffins with brown-sugar walnut topping (recipe to come) for dessert! The flavor of the coffee brought out the sweetness of the apples in the muffins. The combination just worked so well together that we even had seconds on the muffins and another “cuppa”

Fans of Peet’s, aka ‘Peetniks,” have been enjoying their rich and flavorful coffee for nearly 45 years, and for good reason. With lofty high standards for selecting and roasting coffee, as well as unsurpassed customer service, It’s no wonder why Peet’s has earned worldwide respect in the coffee industry. Needless to say, we fell in love with both coffees! You can’t go wrong with either one!

We are happy to now know that Peet’s Coffee is sold in local grocery stores and supermarkets. If you have a chance to try a new brand and brew, check them out. Let us know what you think!


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