V-Note Hits the High One – New York, New York

As you probably know by now, we have been on a strict diet for the past seven. That’s right! Seven weeks! I’m happy to say that we’ve shed a combined 50 lbs., and we both look and feel great! To celebrate we had a “cheat date” to nosh on verboten snacks and to take in brunch at V-Note, here in NYC.. 

V-Note is an organic wine bar and vegan bistro, located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Owned by the folks who run and operate BlossomBlossom Du Jour and Cocoa V (3 places that we really dig), we immediately knew made the right choice for our gluttonous feast. It also didn’t hurt that Mac had a Groupon burning a hole in her Android.

Butterfinger Shake: The Sinner of All Sinful Milkshakes…THAT GOOD!

I tried a yummy Santa Cruz (love their applesauce) organic ginger ale, while Mac enjoyed a STELLAR Butterfinger milkshake, which I regret not ordering!  For an appetizer, we tried the Lentil Rings, which are lentils and root veggies in phyllo dough served with a an AMAZINGLY savory pistachio mustard sauce that made Mac swoon. 

Lentil Rings: Mac could have eaten 10 plates of this!

We then split two wonderfully crafted sandwiches: Chicken Cutlet with avocado and chipotle aioli and Soy Bacon Cheeseburger. Mac had hers with sweet potato fries and I just went with regular fries. Everything was delicious, especially the cheeseburger, which I’m not sure whether it’s homemade. No matter what, it may be the best burger in town and that’s saying a lot.

Soy Bacon Cheeseburger: Nuff Said

This small but attractive bistro is a treasure. The decor is very inviting yet light. The prices are rather reasonable by Upper East Side eatery standards. Their wait staff is knowledgeable and very friendly. 

Chicken Cutlet: Avocado & Chipotle Aioli Make It All Good!

We enjoyed our fill of everything. Sadly, we were stuffed after having our sandwiches that there was absolutely no room for dessert. Not to worry, we’ll be back soon! We want some of that Dark Chocolate Fondue. In the meantime, we’re back on track to drop more pounds!

1522 1st Avenue (between E. 79th and E. 80th Streets)
New York, NY 10075

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