Getting "Crispylicious!" with Beanfields

Mac and I are big fans of chips: potato, rice or plaintains. Salty, sweet or savory, we‘re not picky, as long as they’re yummy and vegan, of course. Recently, the good folks at Beanfields sent us samples of their Crispylicious line of Bean & Rice chips (Thanks, Roy and team!).

Beanfields is a family-owned company that uses products that are farmed and made in right here in the U.S.. The chips are made from navy and black beans, and have a crunch texture of a multigrain cracker but light like a potato chip. They are rich in protein and fiber, and are non-GMO (Very important, we must say)! You can enjoy them just as they are (delicious) or with your favorite dip or spread.

The Crispylicious! chips come in 4 great-tasting varieties: Naturally Unsalted, Sea Salt, Sea Salt & Pepper, and Pico de Gallo. Picking a favorite is tough. Mac and I liked the Pico de Gallo most, with Sea Salt & Pepper finishing a close second. Momma Macaroon tried some and was really impressed with the Naturally Unsalted. In fact, she took a bag home with her (She says “Thanks, Roy!”).

Look out for a giveaway to included Beanfields in the near future!

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