Forks Over Knives – Straight No Chaser

Mac and I had been hearing about the vegan documentary, Forks Over Knives, every since we went to the NYC Vegetarian Festival in April. Due to a short and limited screening schedule, we never got to see this flick on the big screen. As it turns out, we caught the film on Netflix, which offers instant stream viewing.

The film’s director and writer, Lee Fulkerson, introduces the audience to 2 pioneers in nutritional research, Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Charles Esselstyn. Through their independent studies, they make a case supporting that a plant-based diet is the most beneficial in maintaining and improving health. One’s diet plays a great role in preventative medicine. What you eat can determine whether your body will heal itself, rather than relying on prescription and OTC medications to cure what ails you.

If you’re looking for a Michael Moore or Maysles brothers film experience, you may be disappointed. It doesn’t regale the audience with quirky tidbits, graphic images or oddball characters. The film drives along a somewhat linear and straightforward path that will no doubt inspire the newly converted and soon to be converted. It’s direct in its message and doesn’t rely on what can be considered “fluff” to engage viewers. Instead, the film is chock full of valuable information and is worth viewing. Even veterans like the Food Duo learned a few things along the way, and inspired us to place the China Study in our must read queue!


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