Oat Flour Tortillas Revisited

We decided to make the Oat Flour Tortillas again. We had a lot of difficulty with the dough on our first attempt, while the tortillas were really good. They had more of a flaky texture that wasn’t very bread-like, but it could work.
Mac broke out the Vitamix this time around to grind down the oats into flour as well as make the dough. She worked with a mixture of steel-cup and old fashioned oats (1/2 c. of each). It look no more than 5 minutes to whip it all up. Though the dough was sticky, it was tons easier to form and roll. Mac only needed a little bit of extra oat flour to work with the dough. I could easily use them as a soft taco, as they were foldable, which wasn’t so easy to do with our first try.

With the tortillas, I slow-cooked some peppers and onions, while Mac made some spicy tempeh with taco seasoning. It was really delicious, especially with some freshly squeezed lime juice. We totally need to make this again!


One Reply to “Oat Flour Tortillas Revisited”

  1. These look like they would go great with my red and green chile! I prefer tortillas over bread any day and these look very interesting and a lot healthier than the flour tortillas I normally eat.

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