The Vitamix Is Here!

Artichoke and I love trying out new kitchen gadgets. Being foodies, how could we not? As some of you may know from our tweets and Facebook posts, we purchased a Vitamix blender from QVC on Sunday. It arrived on Thursday. We finally tore into the box on Friday to break out our shiny new toy!

What we have is the Vitamix Creations II 10-in-1 Blending Machine with 48oz Jar! After seeing Vitamix in ads and on TV, we’ve been wanting to get one, but the price was just too high! On Sunday, QVC had this machine as their “Today’s Special Value.” The price was too good to pass up.

It’s here! It’s finally here! YAY!

The Vitamix isn’t just for making smoothies and juices. It can replace so many appliances in the home from food processor to hand mixer. It has minimal bells and whistles, yet does so much based on the variable setting you select.

The blender came with a DVD to introduce us to Vitamix, 3 spatulas, a tamper to help break down food when necessary, and a pretty cool cookbook that included recipes from Mario Batali and Rick Bayless.

All ready to go!

As a cookbook collector, I immediately went through the recipes. Right away, I noticed one for a carrot-ginger soup and it was VEGAN! I told Artie that’s what we were having for dinner. Because of our diet, I modified things, leaving out oil and sodium.

The recipe was so simple and quick. From start to finish, I had soup cooked in the Vitamix (yes, cooked! thanks to the super high setting) in under 10 minutes. The soup was smooth and velvety, just how I like it! It also had a nice kick from using fresh ginger and white pepper.

I can’t wait to use our Vitamix again tomorrow. Hmm, what should I make? Let me know what you think!

The finished product with oat flour tortilla strips!

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