Kale & Tomato – A Love Story

Sauteed kale with tomatoes with rice and balsamic grilled tofu! 

I’m a poet, and I bet you didn’t know it! HA!

Ode to Wednesday Night’s Dinner

There once was a green named Kale
Who loved to be fresh, not stale
Who enjoyed being tossed about
With his pal, Garlic, sauteing himself out

There once was a fruit named Tomato
Bright red with seeds, and full of flavor
Who could be very sweet and also salty
But never could be deemed as paltry

One day Tomato met Kale
It was at a farmer’s market sale
It was love at first sight right away
They ran off together that day

Now Tomato and Kale are two
As a side, they’re never alone or blue
They make a great combination
With tofu, rice and imagination

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