City Slickers Order In with Urban Organic

Look at the beautiful greens!

Before an arbitrary email containing a Groupon offer made its way to my inbox, I had never heard of Urban Organic. This Brooklyn-based service has been delivering certified organic produce, herbs and spices to homes in all 5 boroughs for some time now. To try and stay competitive, they bulk-purchase produce from organic farm co-ops, distributors and individual farmers. They also vow to give local farmers as much business as possible.

The way their service works is simple. You pick out what sized box you want and they deliver it right to your door. You can place a one-time order, or get weekly deliveries (check out their delivery schedule).  Urban Organic is pretty flexible about changes to the order, and will allowed up to 3 substitutions.

Our $20.00 Groupon allowed us to purchased an Original Value Box, normally priced at $34.99. It contained (between 15-18) fresh veggies and fruits including kale, carrots, bananas and dinosaur pluots, one of our favorites. We were pleased that everything arrived clean and fresh.

Overall,  Urban Organic is a pretty good service. By ordering ahead of time, you can save a trip to your supermarket,  or weekend farmers market. The two minor peccadilloes I have with them is that some items are subject to change without their notice – which is somewhat understandable – and the delivery could arrive as late as 10:30 PM. If I had children and someone delivered a box of veggies at 10:30 PM, I don’t think Mac or I would be too happy. Then again, to have fresh fruits and veggies delivered to our door in the Bronx, I may just have to overlook once or twice!

A cornucopia of veggie and fruit delights!

Urban Organic
240 Sixth Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 499-4321


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