In Irene’s Wake, We Bring You the Aftermath with Baked Beans

Irene came and went. We had some water damage in our bedroom due to water leaking from our upstairs neighbor. There was also a bit of a flood in our garage, but nothing major. For the most part, we were just fine during the storm.

Big, bad bubble of rain formed in the ceiling

We ventured outside for a brief moment to see if there was any damage on our street (Yeah, we’re daredevils!). We also wanted to make sure our neighbor didn’t have her window open during the storm. At first it was calm, but then the wind blew hard. I took a quick video:

Really, things weren’t that bad around our part of the Bronx (NYC). I heard Riverdale got it pretty bad.

After the rain passed and Irene waved “Goodbye,” the wind gusted and howled for a few hours. We didn’t bother to chance going back outside. So, we spent the rest of the day playing with Mozzer and Connie, watching TV and messing about on Facebook and Twitter (exciting, I know). We also took some time to cook up a few dishes like baked beans a cauliflower “rice” and some homemade grilled eggplant and zucchini sauce.

In saying “Goodnight, Irene,” Artie and I enjoyed a plate of baked beans and rice (not the cauliflower one) with a side of cut string beans and Brussels sprouts.


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