Support Vegan Bodega!

Hey guys!

We wanted to take a moment to ask for your help in supporting Vegan Bodega, started by Eric Hopf, to become NYC’s first vegan convenient store. NYC has some great vegan options in restaurants, but not for day-to-day essentials. If you’re like us (we’re in the Bronx), living where there’s not even a handful of reliable and afforable choices, you can become frustrated in having to schlep 20, 30…sometimes 60+ minutes to get what you need, while everyone else can just go around the corner. We’d like to go “around the corner” too for once! Going to a place that’s specifically for vegans would just be awesome.

Last week, Vegan Bodega launched their fundraising efforts for their store on Their goal is to raise $15,000 to get the store off the ground. As of this post, they’re at $2,335 with 32 days of fundraising to go. So we ask that you join in, become a founding contributor and help get NYC their first vegan store. Because in a city like NYC, there really is no excuse in not having one.

Support Vegan Bodega!

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