The Food Duo…From Fat to Fit

Artie and I have decided that we want to be a couple of Skinny Minnies by dropping some pounds, and toning up our bodies. As of Monday, we’ve embarked on a journey called “Portion Control” and “Clean Eating.” Both don’t sound like fun, I know. However, we have to do it, because a sedentary lifestyle is not good for us, and we’re tired of being the Paunchy Food Duo.

I don’t know about you, but some folks had stated that you can’t be healthy as a vegan. My response is “SHUT YO’ MOUTH!” Consuming animal products do not give a clean bill of health. In fact, most of the medical problems I had in the past occurred when I was eating meat and dairy. Since I’ve been vegetarian (and now vegan), I have a better sense of what’s in my food, and haven’t gotten sick nearly as much as I did 2+ years ago.
Artie and I are foodies (we LOVE it). I would rather eat my way through a river of “Creaky Chicken” (a la Veggie Heaven) than run around a track. At the same time, we’re getting older and want to make further our change for “good” (whatever that means). So we’ve made a commitment to do the following:
1. Plan ahead and cook more meals at home
2. Cut back on processed foods
3. Drink more water (Not a problem for me. Artie…that’s another story, but he’s getting better)
4. Exercise more; be it a walk in the park, doing some yoga or messing about on Wii Fit
Other than this change, Artie and I will continue to do as we always have done. Post our recipes, share others, take pictures of cool things we make and find.
So wish us luck! We’ll let you know how it goes!

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