Garden Café on the Green – Woodstock, New York

After our fantastic visit to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, the Food Duo, with our friend Ava Avocado in tow, decided to stop off and grab a late lunch. Although Woodstock, NY has a good amount of places that will cater to vegans, Garden Café on the Green is, to our knowledge, the only all vegan eatery in town.

This small but funky place, offers a good range of reasonably priced vegan delights that will fill your breadbasket. I enjoy a savory red Italian bean soup, with a side order or roasted potatoes – yeah I know I’m a carb addict! Mac enjoyed a grilled curry tofu mango sandwich and a small mesclun salad. Ava gulped down a homemade black bean burger with roasted potatoes, a dish that I secretly eyeballed!


If you enjoy people watching, sitting near the widow is recommended . You’ll dig the diverse collection of hippies, goths, squares and artists that promenade past this popular joint. Because they have a small staff, you may have to invoke your Buddhist tolerance and be prepared to wait. But the wait is worth it

I give it 3 out of 4 peace signs

Garden Café on the Green
6 Old Forge Road 
Woodstock, NY 12498-1239


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