Day at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

Just a mere 2 hours outside of NYC, there’s a magical place called Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. It’s home to many beautiful creatures, saved from being placed in butcher cases, frozen foods and the like. It’s a place where all animals can be free to live their lives to the fullest.

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary started in 2004 by Jenny Brown and Doug Abel. Since that time, they’ve rescued numerous chickens, roosters, ducks, geese, cows, goats and sheep; many from the New York City area. Every rescued animal has a name and a great story to be told. Being in their company and seeing how well they interact with themselves as well as with caring humans is truly amazing.

During our visit, we got to meet many wonderful animals who seemed really interested, if not excited, to see us. From cats to turkeys, we were able to get up close, speak and pet them. It’s was truly something to see how many of there would walk right next to us, even follow us around without much fear. As much as we were intrigued by them, they were even more curious about who we were. If you’ve never been in the company of farm animals, you’d truly be surprised by their depth, intellect and emotion.

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary is terrific, and we’re thankful for what they do, just out of simple passion and devotion to animals. This is a non-profit that does rely on the kindness of others to keep their operation going. So if you have a chance to visit, please do. If not, check out their website where you can make a donation to such a great cause.

Here are just a couple of photos of some of the new friends we made:

Pogo, our cute, little tour guide for part of our trip (Thanks Sheila for letting us know his name)




This is a video of Dylan walking over to us:

Visit our Facebook page to see more photos from our trip!

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary
P. O. Box 1329
Woodstock, NY 12498

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