Clara, You’re Our Hero!

There’s a great online cooking show on YouTube called “Great Depression Cooking with Clara.” I’m sad to only have just learned about this and the accompanying cookbook. The host is a cute 95 year-old great grandmother named Clara Cannucciari from the Finger Lakes region of New York.
Clara shares her favorite recipes and stories from the Great Depression era. Granted, many of her dishes are not vegan, they can easily be adapted. Clara’s a great storyteller, really giving insight on the impact the Great Depression had on America. Her personal tales are often funny, if not touching. Clara’s an inspiration to all, young and old, kitchen novices and experts.
Here’s Clara’s latest video! Watch her make Italian ice. Vanilla’s her favorite!
Thanks to our friend Melissa who posted this clip on her Facebook page!
By the way, Clara’s birthday is coming up on August 18th. You can send her a birthday card. Info is listed on YouTube!
7/10/11 Update – I made Clara’s Italian Ice today. I split the batch, making one half lemon and the other grape. So delicious! Clara, thanks again for being awesome!

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