Veganize! First Round Pick Buffalo Beef

Dinner was an indoor picnic with our Buffalo “Beef” lettuce wraps

Welcome to our second installment of “Veganize!”

Many moons ago (almost 3 years), Artie and I were doing the Atkins Diet thing and got into making lettuce wraps. As we were preparing for our fantasy football league, I came up with an idea to make a Buffalo-style lettuce wrap using ground beef. It was really good, and I just had to share it on this lovely blog.

This past week, we bought some Boca Ground Crumbles Made with Natural Ingredients (They’re vegan!), hoping to make some deliciousness out of them. Artie thought about lettuce wraps, remembering how much he enjoyed them and that we hadn’t had them in a long time. So we veganized our old First Round Pick Buffalo Beef recipe.

We had the following changes to the recipe:

  • Ground beef was replaced by the Boca Ground Crumbles
  • Steak seasoning was omitted
  • Butter was replaced by vegan margarine and not stirred with the crumbles. It was instead used to make a vegan version of a friend’s Buffalo sauce recipe (Thanks, Ian!) which was later added to the crumbles
When done, Artie served the “beef” in a nice-sized bowl with some broccoli and lettuce leaves. I whipped up a quick cool dill dip to drizzle over the beef in each wrap (I’ll have to write up the recipe later). We turned dinner into an indoor picnic and had a lot of fun making and eating the wraps. They tasted just like the real beef ones we first made in 2008! 
It’s great to know that you don’t have to deprive yourself of what you love just because you’ve decided to make a better health choice for yourself. You can always find alternatives and enjoy what you love to eat!

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