The Jamaican Pea Patty Incident – Take One

Looks delicious, right?
Artichoke and I were on a mission to expand our vegan culinary schools to the Caribbean. We wanted to make our own Jamaican-style patties. We found a simple recipe for the dough, which we took from a Jamaican beef patty recipe at We used vegan ingredients, upped the amount of curry and added turmeric. We made our own filling with mashed split peas, onions, olive oil and spices.
The whole process was rather smooth. The dough was easy to handle. The filling really took no time to make. The assembly of the patties was pretty quick. The longest piece was the baking of about 30 minutes.

Right out of the oven, the patties smelled and looked great. Upon first bite, they tasted more like Indian samosas as the pea mixture stiffened a bit like a potato. The spice mixture was milder than we had hoped, but still nice. We thought the baking would turn the pea mixture into a slight puree consistency. It wasn’t the case, but that wasn’t a bad thing. Artie and I gave each other a high-five for our accomplishment.
Sadly, our accomplishment turned into disappointment the next day. The patties did not pass the “Second Day Test.” The dough was bit soggy, while the pea mixture became dry, which was probably due to heating up the patties in the microwave. The taste turned bland, but the patty was still palatable. 
We’re going to try this again really soon. I think we’ll try doing a “beef” patty with veggie crumbles. We also think we’re going to look into other spice combinations to go with the curry and turmeric. Hopefully, the next attempt will be better than this.

Keep your fingers crossed!

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