Fattal’s Syrian Bakery – Paterson, New Jersey

I had to force Mac to take this photo before the sandwich was all gone
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, known as Paterson, New Jersey, I discovered Fattal’s Syrian Bakery. To the uninitiated, Fattal’s is perhaps New Jersey’s best Middle Eastern market. With offerings from Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Turkey and Northern Africa, there is something for everyone looking for authentic Mediterranean fare. Fattal’s may be one of the few places in the Tri-State area that is a bakery, pastry shop, jewelry store, grocery, butcher (for you carnivores) and restaurant all rolled into one.
Their prices are reasonable (We recently purchased a nice bottle of Syrian olive oil for about $6.00). Their selection is massive. You can never go wrong with what you buy. In fact, I’m a big fan of their salted roasted pumpkin seeds and pita bread, while Macaroon makes it a point to pick up a falafel sandwich or two or three with some vegetable-stuffed grape leaves! In fact, I’m dreaming of the grape leaves right now as I type!
Despite being in a Middle Eastern neighborhood with many Middle Eastern grocery and restaurant options, Fattal’s clearly stands out. Parking may be a bit hectic in this area, but Fattal’s does have its own small parking lot, which is great, especially for those of us driving from New York. It’s definitely worth the trip!
Fattal’s Syrian Bakery
975 Main Street
Paterson, NJ 07503
(973) 742-7125

One Reply to “Fattal’s Syrian Bakery – Paterson, New Jersey”

  1. Ditto! I was born in Paterson, but moved to New England as an infant. My grandparents immigranted to Paterson from Syria and my parents grew up there. I recently visited my elderly aunts in Paterson, I was delighted to see and purchase so many authentic Syrian delights. My aunt was delighted to treat! Syrian cuisine is a tradition I share and am passing along to my own children. I have grapevines growing in my backyard in Boston, as I so fondly recall from my grandparents backyard on Hine St in Paterson.

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