History Has Been Made in New York…About Time!

If you haven’t read, seen or heard, New York has become the 6th state in the U.S. to legalize gay marriage. It’s been a long time coming and severely overdue! Artie and I are so happy to know that our friends and fellow New Yorkers, if they decide, can just be as miserable as we are in marriage (JUST KIDDING! Artie would like to take credit for the joke). Seriously, we’re very pleased that this day has come, as we have been super-supportive of this measure for years.

In honor of this monumental occasion, we’d like to extend an offer to any of our LGBT friends and readers who decide to get married in our great state. We will create a set of recipes for a romantic meal just for you! Of course, it would be vegan. Just let us know your wedding date and what foods you like, and we’ll whip up something FABULOUS! All we ask is that we get a wedding photo or even an invite in exchange.


Your Hetero, yet Gay Supportive, Food Duo


One Reply to “History Has Been Made in New York…About Time!”

  1. I am very concerned about what marriage will do to the institution that is the LGBT community 🙂 I love the idea of a gay vegan wedding followed by a bike ride over The Brooklyn Bridge.

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