Lula’s Sweet Apothecary – New York, New York

When Mac and I made the decision to switch to a vegan lifestyle, there were some items that we missed, mostly dairy. Over time, we got used to not having certain items, one of them being was ice cream. However, we learned to find and make alternatives and also found that being vegan wasn’t about deprivation.
Ice cream is one of  the desserts that I crave now and again,  especially on a hot summer day, seeing someone enjoy an ice cream cone or a hot fudge sundae. With a little online snooping to satisfy our sweet tooths, Mac and I have found some store brands that we dig and will purchase from time to time. We also make our own with delicious cashew cream. However, once in a while, we just want to go to an ice cream shoppe, drool over the many delicious flavors and watch scoops get stacked on a cone.
Recently, we learned about a wonderful ice cream shoppe (do you say “shop” or “shoppy?”) in the East Village called Lula’s Sweet Apothecary. Handcrafted naturual vegan ice cream began calling us. It was time for a trip!
Lula’s is a shoebox-sized shoppe. Adorably draped in old-fashion, “Old Tyme” décor, you are brought back to a time that is sadly all but gone. Seeing it revived has brought smiles to our faces, even down to the Mac happily remembers when her great-aunt and great-uncle took her to Swenson’s Ice Cream Parlor in download Charleston, South Carolina as a kid and she got to pick whatever she wanted (a scoop of Chocolate Chocolate Chip atop of 2 scoops of Bubble Gum Ice Cream!).
With a variety of flavors in both hard-serve and soft-serve, there’s something for everyone: soy-based, coconut-based or cashew-based treats. Rocky road! Cookies ‘n Cream! Cake Batter! The guys a Lula’s will give you a free sample of a flavor before making your decision. Our childlike fantasies would have gotten every flavor piled up high like out of a Dr. Seuss book. However, being the level-headed adults we are (yeah right), Mac and I each got a single scoop of hard-serve on a sugar cone. I selected rosewater, which was light yet flavorful. Mac got chocolate-orange, because she’s a chocolate addict and couldn’t help herself.
The taste? The ice cream is better than any dairy ice cream we’ve ever had! 
And they just don’t sell ice cream! You can get all sorts of goodies from shakes and floats to cookies to candy. It truly brings out the little kid in you. Little Mac totally leaped out of her during our visit and ran around, smiles and giggles abound.
If you’re a NYer and haven’t been to Lula’s, get on down there TODAY! If you’re not a NYer, make sure you put Lula’s on your itinerary.  
Lula’s Sweet Apothecary
516 East 6th Street
New York, NY 10009
(646) 912-4549

2 Replies to “Lula’s Sweet Apothecary – New York, New York”

  1. My vegetarian husband and I (for many years) switched to Vegan about four months ago and cheese and ice cream are missed for sure but Now I have tasted coconut milk and strawberry "ice cream" made in a home ice cream maker that a friend has. Wonderful!! So now I am saving up for my own ice cream maker and found several yummy sounding recipes to try. We don't have any vegan shoppe's out here on Vancouver Island unfortunately but if I can make it at home I will be happy:-)

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