Jolo’s Kitchen – New Rochelle, New York

Dinner turned into a picnic
When Artie and I initially turned vegetarian in 2009, we checked out this spot called Jolo’s Kitchen on North Avenue in New Rochelle. Vegan Caribbean food in Westchester County gave us some hope after being disappointed by the dearth of healthy vegan options in the Bronx. We were pleasantly surprised by the great food. 
It had been almost 2 years since we had been to Jolo’s. We would often say to each other that we should go back one day, but we never got around to it. It wasn’t like Jolo’s was so far away from home either. We’ve driven along North Avenue so many times! Shoot, my aunt used to have a bookstore around the corner from there. It wasn’t like we didn’t know how to get there. No excuse!  Bad Macaroon & Artichoke!
Friday evening, I said I wanted some food from there. I even posted about it in my Facebook status to get Artie’s attention. He was totally on board and out we went. 
How glad was I to finally get back there. Artie wanted some patties. He was hoping for peas, but they were out. So we settled for their jerk tofu ones. Artie and I each ordered a medium “small” take-out plate with one main dish and 2 sides for $8.00 a piece. I got the veggie chicken with plantains and cabbage and collard greens. His was the same, except he got black beans instead of the plantains. Even though the plate is labelled as a “small,” you get good-sized portions for the price.
I have to point out that what makes Jolo’s a great spot is how they stress the importance of natural and fresh ingredients, even down to their sodas. Their menu is extensive, but not overwhelming. You can easily find what you want, be it a sandwich, burger, a juice mix, or something off of the steamer for a take-out plate. 

Green along Pelham Parkway – Great picnic spot!
On our way home with our plates and patties, Artie and I were getting overwhelmed by wonderful aroma coming from our bag of food. We started talking about eating outside. We didn’t even make it home. We headed over to Pelham Parkway and had a impromptu picnic at dusk on the green. We sat on my fleece jacket I had in the car and enjoyed our meal, sharing a bottle of Ginseng Black Bull Black Current juice and a can of Hansen’s Mandarin Lime soda. 
Next time, we won’t put off our next visit to Jolo’s for so long!
Jolo’s Kitchen
412 North Avenue 
New Rochelle, NY 10801 
(914) 355-2527

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