My First Time…with Escarole and Beans

Escarole and beans is a traditional Italian dish often served with pasta. Leafy greens with cannellini beans, sauteed in garlic and oil, the combination is true to form “peasant food” with a “rich” taste. It was a surprise to Artie that I never tried it, or even just escarole, in my life. What kind of half Italian was I? Apparently, a clueless one until tonight.

Artie had been talking about cooking escarole since our salad challenge. As much as he talked about it, I found out that he never made this dish before. His memories of his grandmother making it was his motivation. With that, Artie gathered up the ingredients and even got a nice crusty loaf of seeded Italian bread to sop up the deliciousness!

Rather than call his parents, Artie found the below video clip with steps to make escarole and beans, leaving out the pasta. We had pasta 2 nights in a row. So, we could do without it for this dish.

Artie made another excellent meal, closely following the video instructions. We didn’t need the pasta. I was completely full after the dinner and very happy.

Here’s how our dinner turned out:

Want some?

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