YEE-HAW! Cowgirl’s Baking – New York, New York

Lately, we’ve been spending a lot of time connected to Twitter. Yes, folks, that means Artie has finally come into the “Modern Age” and started tweeting to his little heart’s desire (All 4 tweets, thus far). Anyway, with being on Twitter, you get to come across some pretty cool people and businesses with common interests. 
One day last week, Mac came across a tweet about a spot in the East Village called Cowgirl’s Baking. Vegan donuts, cupcakes and cookies! OH MY! Oh and they server burgers and burritos to boot?!?! You knew that we’d be on the prowl to chow, and we got the plan into action.
After taking our new found kitty, Mozzer, the Duke of Periwinkle, to the vet, we headed down to get some grub. We ordered 2 cheeseburgers, 3 cupcakes and 2 donuts. You could probably guess we were hungry with a sweet tooth. However, before Artie put in our order, we were taken away by the shop’s decor. So cool, so funky, so girly,  yet not intimidating for Artie to step right on in, past the decorative pillows, and saddle up to the display case and drool. 
The girls behind the counter were really sweet. One of them complimented Artie’s Black Flag t-shirt. They also complimented Mozzer who was with Mac outside the joint, people-watching from the cat carrier (As Mac types, Mozzer’s trying to stomp on the keys). Four thumbs up for that alone!

On to the food! The cheeseburgers were rockin’. They were vegan Boca burgers, but better than any Boca burger we’ve ever had (Mac wasn’t a fan of them until our visit to Cowgirl’s Baking). The burgers were “juicy,” super flavorful and better than our memories of a Whopper. Just to make a note here, Cowgirl’s Baking does make their own California burgers, which we hope to try soon!

The 3 cupcakes were: French Toast, Red Velvet and Bugs Bunny (carrot cake). All were delicious. We both loved the French Toast the most, because it tasted just like its name. The icing with the nuts were “to die for,” as trite of a saying as it is. The Red Velvet was moist and spot-on with traditional red velvet cake. The Bugs Bunny was good. When it comes to carrot cake, Mac won’t allow anything compete with her mom’s recipe, but she definitely gave high marks on the cupcake.

Clockwise from the top: French Toast Cupcake, Red Velvet Cupcake, Bugs Bunny Cupcake, Vanilla-Frosted Donut

Some of you may remember Mac’s attempt to make baked vegan donuts at home. After that disaster, Mac’s been wanting to get some local vegan donuts (Voodoo in PDX spoiled her). Artie made sure that we tried the donuts at Cowgirl’s Baking. We ordered one vanilla frosted and one chocolate frosted. Neither of them disappointed. We agreed that we liked the vanilla a little more, as you could really taste it in the donut. The chocolate wasn’t bad at all though.

We know this was a long post. We thank you for reading. Totally, we give props to Cowgirl’s Baking! Hope to get back soon for the California burger, maybe a burrito and definitely to get to try vegan CANNOLIS!

Cowgirl’s Baking
259 East 10th Street
New York, NY 10009


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