Falafel Chips

My favorite sandwich is a falafel sandwich with hummus, fresh veggies, tahini and hot sauce. It doesn’t get better than that, or does it? Well, it possibly can after Artie and I came across Flamous Brands Falafel Chips at one of my favorite stores, Chef Central. The goodness of a falafel in a crispy, flavorful chip. 
These falafel chips are vegan (YAY!) and gluten-free (YAY for our GF’ers). They’re delicious on their own or as a dipper for your hummus. You definitely can’t eat just one.
Artie made some lemony hummus to go with these. Put that together with the chips and it’s like a falafel sandwich just hit you in the face. If it’s not better than the sandwich itself (especially from Mamouns on St. Marks), then it’s right on par. 
Though we haven’t tried them yet, the falafel chips also come in a “Spicy” flavor. I guess that means we need to pick them up soon. 
For more info on these chips, visit http://www.falafelchips.com/

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