Aloo Gobi and the Infinite Spice Kick

Here’s a little story for you:
There once was a boy who traveled across the great wide Atlantic pond with his best mate. While strolling the streets of old Londontown, the boy fancied a curry, but not just any curry. He wanted the spiciest, most authentic Indian curry he could find without going to India (which he plans to do in the future). Well, certainly enough, he stopped at a curry spot and demanded the hottest pepper. As you may have guessed, his little red wagon was well to be fixed as his best friend had himself a good laugh for years to come. And with that, the boy’s love of Indian food grew beyond measures.

Mac and I love Indian food. We go to Indian restaurants often, but we’ve never really tried to make Indian dishes ourselves. Many times, I’ve said we should get cookbooks by Madhur Jaffrey, but we’ve never gotten around to doing it. Well, in the last week, I was determined to finally make it, even without guidance from Ms. Jaffrey.
Aloo Gobi dishes, traditionally made with potatoes and cauliflower, were always all-time favorites of mine. I decided that I would try my hand at that. I found a recipe for Aloo Matar Gobi, a lovely dish which includes peas, on To make sure this classic dish was made just right, I ventured to my favorite spice store, Dual, to get the real deal in spices.
This is a very easy dish to make. In fact, I could have just gone to the local grocery store orWhole Foods for my ingredients. If you can’t find green chilies, use an Anaheim or a Poblano pepper. If you like your dish extra kick,y feel free to take liberties with the spiciness by doubling the amount of chilies. If you’re really brave use Bhut Jolokia, a murderously hot pepper, also known as the “Ghost” pepper.
Just a word of advice: If you’re going to cook with Bhut Jolokia peppers make sure to wear gloves when handling them and ventilate the room! It is seriously and will tear you a new one, not to mention your house gets filled up with smoke. By the way, they use it for tear gas in India. Our friend Zaya LOVES it!
Aloo Matar Gobi
Serves 4-6


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