Vegan Banana Split Fun!

Anna-Banana Split Bite-lettes, Trader Joe’s Freeze Dried Strawberries, SoyaToo Soy Whip
Saturday night, after a lovely meal at Veggie Heaven (Creaky Chicken!), we stopped at Whole Foods to score some junk food, in hopes of getting some vegan cuppy-cakes. Unfortunately, Whole Foods was without such goodies. They were also out of their vegan cookies and scones (OH NO!). We took a look around and came upon Anna-Banana Split Bite-lettes, little mounds of wholesome cookie goodness. We also found some soy whipped cream, which we never tried before.

The next day, we went to Trader Joe’s to get some tomatoes and ended up getting some other things, among them freeze dried strawberries. When we got home, we couldn’t figure out what to have on  hand for dessert. We got creative and went for a take on a banana split sans ice cream.

We poured the Bite-lettes onto a plate. We sprayed the whipped cream around and on top of them. Then, we added the strawberries. Very pretty it was.

After making this creation, it was time for the taste test as it was our first time trying all three items:

The Bite-lettes – Delicious. Tasted like a banana split
The Soy Whip – Good, but didn’t have the “traditional” whipped cream taste. It tasted a bit like cake batter
The Strawberries – A bit sweet, a bit tart. Went well with our dessert.


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