Dual Specialty Store, Inc. – New York, New York

In the East Village, there’s a place that’ll take you to an Indian spice bazaar. It sits on 1st Avenue between East 5th and 6th Streets in Manhattan. Dual Specialty Store, Inc. has been serving New Yorkers since 1989, engaging people in aromas and flavors from around the globe.

Dual Specialty Store is an all-time favorite that I’ve patronizing since it opened in 1989. It is my go-to place for spices. It is jam-packed with every spice, herb, grain, bean and root imaginable. They also sell fresh produce, nuts, breads and  Indian specialties. They even offer a rather large selection of imported, domestic and crafted beers. With so much being rare yet available, Dual has amazingly affordable prices. You won’t go broke here. 

With so many items being not typical of American supermarkets, it never fails to amaze me in what you can find here. In fact, a few days ago, we dropped in to pick up a few odds and ends including chickpea flour, kava kava root, fresh catnip, basmati rice, fresh vanilla beans, and Naga Jolokia, aka “ghost pepper,” the hottest spice on the planet! I may be able to find these things by visiting different shops, but that will break the bank. At Dual, I find everything I need for that one attempt at culinary perfection, and I don’t have travel around the world or to mortgage my home to shop.

If you’re a New Yorker, make it a point to stop by. If you’re from out of town, add Dual to your list of “must-see” places to shop. 

Dual Specialty Store, Inc.
91 1st Ave
New York, NY 10003
(212) 979-6045

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