Sweet Avenue Bake Shop – Rutherford, New Jersey

Sweet Avenue Bake Shop is a tiny vegan oasis nestled in leafy, suburban Rutherford, NJ. If the bright pink exterior doesn’t grab your attention the cakey aroma will. It’ll pleasantly hit you before you open the door.
Macaroon happened to find out about this spot online. Since we were attending a doll show in Hackensack, Mac wanted to find a vegan eatery in the area possibly for lunch. The first thing she found brought joy to her little baker’s vegan heart. So guess where we went?

Upon entering the bake shop, our eyes and stomachs grew big. The display case offered a mix of their “Classic” and “Special” cupcakes, ranging between $3.00 and $3.50 for each. All of them were beautifully decorated, almost too pretty to eat. Because everything looked so good, we had trouble deciding on which one we would each get. I had to make a judgment call and declare that we would be get a half-dozen.

We ordered the following (clockwise from the top left): 

Mint Chocolate, Banana Cream Pie, Tiramisu, Bacio, Charlie Sheen “Tiger Blood” and Red Velvet

We couldn’t help ourselves. Right after we received our hot pink cupcake box of goodness, we tore into the Banana Cream Pie (my favorite) and Red Velvet before grabbing lunch at Whole Foods in Paramus. Damn friggin good!

As we crossed the bridge back into New York, we couldn’t stop talking about the cupcakes. The moment we got home, we split the Tiramisu and the Mint Chocolate. Damn friggin good…again!
Before dinner, we shared the Bacio (chocolate cupcake with a chocolate-hazelnut filling). Good, but we were expecting more of a nutella taste with this. Nevertheless, this is not a cupcake we would turn down if offered. 
We saved Charlie for last. Mac couldn’t get over how they decorated the cupcake with the transfer of him on it. When we finally bit into it, we both were “WINNING!” with “Tiger Blood” in our veins. Mac thinks this was the best cupcake of the bunch, being a blood orange cupcake with orange-mixed berry filling. 
One thing I have to say is that these vegan cupcakes tasted so good that even the carnivores would beg for them. We don’t go to Rutherford that often, but Mac thinks we’ll be making a regular stop here when in NJ.

Sweet Avenue Bake Shop
153 Park Avenue
Rutherford, NJ 07070-2307
(201) 935-2253


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