Bok Choy Fried Rice

Mac and I both love bok choy, aka Chinese cabbage. I’ve always admired its bright green hue, leafy texture and quasi peppery taste. Through the years I’ve had many other wonderful dishes made with Chinese cabbage and I’ll most likely order a dish if it’s included.

My earliest memory of eating bok choy was when my family used to dine at the local Chinese restaurant in Fair Lawn, NJ. Their chefs used to cook it in wonton soup which gave the soup an added dimension of subtle taste. Nowadays, I’ve found that many restaurants now cook wonton soups with scallions in lieu of bok choy. These soups now lackthe complexity in flavor compared to when I was a kid.

A few days ago, we came across a fried rice dish that included bok choy, thanks to the blog, Generation Y Foodie. We, of course, decided to veganize it by substituting the chicken with extra firm tofu and honey with agave nectar. We also didn’t have any sesame oil. Instead, I crushed a few sesame seeds. and infused them in canola oil. With these pretty simple tweaks to this recipe, the end result was a great flavorful dish. Momma Macaroon even enjoyed it more than the fried rice she would get at her favorite Chinese take-out spot.

What made this recipe seem easy was that about 85-90% of the ingredients were just sitting lazily in our cluttered cabinets. A good-tasting recipe that doesn’t require us to go on a food hunt at the local grocery store is always a major win. My one gaffe may have been to not chop the boy choy finer, but no one else seemed to notice or care. The rice was THAT good.

To check out the original recipe, click here!


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