Tony Boloney’s – Atlantic City, New Jersey

Meet “The Veggiehead” sans cheese
Though we enjoyed our stay in Atlantic City, we have to say that this town is not vegan-friendly. However, if you’re quick on your feet, you can find ways to veganize your meals. You might be pleasantly surprised how a simple tweak or omission can turn your breakfast, lunch or dinner into culinary excellence. One of the places where we had great success was at a local pizzeria, featured on the Food Network, called Tony Boloney’s.

With Artichoke being a pizza connoisseur, he can tell in quick scan of a menu if a spot is quality. With that, Tony Boloney’s disappoint. We found that their extensive menu of Italian-American fare (pizza, pasta, etc) included some vegetarian options where all that had to be done was to leave off the cheese. Easy peasy!

Due to some issues with hotel valets, we decided to pick up our dinner and bring it back. 
Now, Tony Boloney’s isn’t in the nicest of areas, if going around at night, but that doesn’t take away from the great food! In fact, when we arrived, the place was hoppin’ with folks. In a city like Atlantic City, where there are pizza shops and Italian restaurants abound, they challenge some of the “upper crust” spots in town.

We ordered a pizza called “The Veggiehead,” which included 10 spicy marinated veggies with smoked mozzarella. Off with the cheese, and we were in business. The pizza definitely had a kick, which pleasantly surprised the both of us. You got to love a place that isn’t scared to spice up things. At the same time, you can taste every single vegetable on the pizza. The balance was on point.

Oh and let’s add that the folks behind the counter are really cool. Artichoke spent some time talking shop about hockey with one guy, all inspired by Artichoke’s Nordiques beanie. Just for that alone, we’re hooked on this place. So guess who’s making another visit on our next trip to A.C.

Tony Boloney’s
300 Oriental Ave (Corner of S. Vermont)
Atlantic City, New Jersey

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