Photos from Atlantic City

Since this was more of a relaxation trip, we didn’t take many photos as we normally would.

We stayed at Harrah’s Resorts. These 4 photos are from our hotel room:

In the hotel, Viking has a store which also includes a cooking school. We should have checked out a class, but didn’t want to cook our own food on this trip. They do have an amazing kitchen there.

We went to dinner at the Tropicana, a casino-hotel located along the Boardwalk in the “Downbeach” section. There, they have a food court of “fine dining” which includes Carmine’s (yes, the same one from NYC) and PF Chang’s. Interesting enough is that there’s a restaurant-bar called Red Square with a statue of Lenin outside.

We also took a trip to Caesar’s, but not to eat or gamble. I actually took Artichoke there to check out their shopping mall, “The Pier.” There we did a lot of window shopping and wishful thinking. We also enjoyed some downtime at Starbucks to sit in comfy chairs while taking in the ocean view.
We did buy a couple of things, first stopping at IT’SUGAR, where a jelly bean elephant greeted us. We added to our lunch box collection there. We then went to Lush, one of my favorite beauty stores. There, Artichoke picked up a new robot friend.

We didn’t just spend our time in Atlantic City. We took a couple of day trips along the shore. We visited towns like Ocean City and Avalon. We definitely made it a point to drive down to Cape May, which is one of our favorite places in the country. We actually went there specifically to buy some more bath salts from a great store called A Place on Earth, which carries a salt called Monkey Farts! Who can resist that?

While walking along the mall in the center of Cape May, I had to take a picture of this sign at Fralinger’s Salt Water Taffy shop.
We had a great time the past few days! Why did it have to end?

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