A NYC Food Lover’s Dream – Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks

Today, Artichoke and I decided to take a drive into Manhattan for a bit of food and fun. After getting chocolate from Cocoa V, a sandwich from Blossom du Jour, goodies from Accessorize and some apples from a farmer’s market off of Bleeker St, Artichoke wanted to take me to a very special place, and special it was. Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks is an amazing independent bookshop on West 10th Street, made to satisfy even a foodie novice.

Upon seeing it, I was in utter awe. Inside was a food lover’s dream of floor-to-ceiling cookbooks, old and new, spanning the globe. Though the store can be considered small, you can easily and happily get lost and overwhelmed. However, you’ll find just what you’re seeking!

In a rare instant of coincidence that one can only imagine happening in a New York movie, I found a copy of Cookin’ with Queen Ida by Ida Guillory that I had been tracking down for my mom for a few years. None of us could find it anywhere! Suddenly, today, as Artichoke had pointed to an old oven, I saw Ida’s smile on the cover and shouted “THAT’S THE BOOK!” Funnily enough, when we brought the book up to Ms. Slotnick (yes, she operates the store herself), she laughed and quipped “We’re a little late for Mardi Gras.” I couldn’t help but just beam in excitement.

In addition to the vast collection of cookbooks, Ms.Slotnick herself offers a great wealth of knowledge of food in New York City. In fact, Artichoke joined in a conversation about historical restaurants, few that still exist today, like John’s of 12th Street (Papa Artichoke had his Confirmation celebration there back in the day). In addition to the rich history being a page away, you can also buy some really cool kitchen gadgets such as decorative rolling pins, biscuit cutters and cookie jars. I’m looking forward to going back really soon to get more goodies to add to our cookbook collection.

I have to say that this store is definitely a place of love. You can tell that Ms. Slotnick enjoys what she does. That’s something you cannot get at the big corporate stores. For that reason alone, this store is going to be my go-to place for cookbooks.

Before we left the store, we asked if Ms. Slotnick had her store on Facebook. She responded with the coolest answer: “No, but I have a face. People can come by and they can even touch it!”

Thanks Ms. Slotnick for your wonderful store and awesome sense of humour!

163 West Tenth Street
New York, New York 10014-3116

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