Lazy Day Roll-Up

A couple of weeks ago, a friend posted a link to a vegan cinnamon roll recipe on her Facebook page. The photo looked so good that I went on a mission to make them right there and then. Since it was a Sunday, I feeling a bit lazy and wanted to effortlessly make the dough. So off to the bread machine I went.

I was very careful to place the dough ingredients in the machine as the manual states: liquids, sugars, “fats,” flour and yeast. The dough setting was on and the “Start” button was pressed, while I was bouncing with excitement.

After the dough was ready, about 90 minutes later, I broke out my rolling pin, and got the dough ready for cinnamon-sugary goodness! I sprinkled, dusted and lathered the filling with the cinnamon mixture, rolled up the dough into a log and cut away. Then came the next rise, which gave me time to catch up on “Outsourced’ for the week. I love that show.

30 minutes later, I was shocked. The rolls didn’t rise. They didn’t double in size. They stayed the same. So I thought I needed to let them rise longer. 20 minutes later, there was no change. Grrrrr.

I then thought, “If I put them in the oven, they’ll puff up.” In the oven, they went for 18 to 20 minutes. The rolls were the perfect color, but no increase in size. In fact, they were more like thick cookies. I was a bit disappointed, but not deterred. Cookies are just as good as rolls. With that, I drizzled on the glaze.

A plate for Artichoke. A plate for me. We tore into our cookie-rolls. They were really good. Okay, not like Cinnabon or Entemann’s, but delicious nevertheless.

I’ve learned something from this. A bread machine is not an out. You can’t slack off when creating beautiful pastry. Next time, I’ll do this properly.

Want the recipe as it should be followed? Click here!

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