Macaroon’s Birthday Lunch

Sorry, I’m late with this post about Macaroon’s birthday. As you know, we had a lovely dinner with Momma Macaroon on Jan 20th! Well, we kept the celebration going through the weekend. I took her out for a post-birthday lunch on Jan. 23.

Macaroon’s birthday = special meal! Through reliable sources, I’ve heard a lot of good things about Blossom, a vegan joint on 9th Avenue between West 21st and 22nd Streets in Manhattan (New York, not Kansas). Albeit we were there on a Sunday as the place opened, reservations are strongly recommended, because it does get filled pretty quickly.

Right off the bat, I liked Blossom. The place is small but cozy. The waiter was informative, attentive and polite. Since it was VERY cold that morning, I decided to have the Italian Chestnut Soup with apples as an appetizer. For the main dish, I opted for the Southern Seitan Sandwich, served with fries. Macaroon chose the very yummy Soy Bacon Cheeseburger with fries and a side of garlic spinach. Everything was delicious and filling. If we had bigger stomachs, we would have finished our entire meal on the spot. Instead, we could only each half our sandwiches, took then to-go and quickly devoured them when we got home. If you couldn’t tell, we love this place!

Normally, we would have tried their desserts but decided forgo them. Macaroon had been wanting to try chocolate from a place called Cocoa V, a vegan chocolate and wine bar on 9th Avenue. A couple of her friend had highly recommended it. We had to leave enough room for that! Oddly enough, Cocoa V was catty corner to Blossom and has the same owner. So I had to take Macaroon there!

We ended up having chocolate bark with cherries, roasted edamame clusters, a pecan praline truffle and a hazelnut truffle. Macaroon had asked about their butterfinger candy, but sadly they were out of it. We LOVED them all! The chocolate was dark but not too bitter or sweet. What’s also cool is that they give you recommendations to pair wine with chocolate. They also sell baked goods (Mac! We got to get some cake next time!) Another bonus is that they have an online store. So don’t fret if you don’t live in New York City. Awesome vegan goodness is a click away!

Lastly, after burning off calories by driving from the West Side to the East Side of Manhattan, we stopped at Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen on St. Mark’s Place between 1st Avenue and Avenue B. I had been trying to take Macaroon there for a bit, after seeing such great reviews about it.

The place is pretty Bohemian in appearance, and rather small. Their menu is extensive with juices, smoothies, soups, entrees and baked goods. The display cases have a mix of entrees like lasagna and stuffed cabbage and desserts like cakes, cookies and pies. Since we were there for our sweet tooth, we tried their chocolate chip cookies, chocolate walnuts cookies, halva and a cinnamon bun with a “splash.” Though Mac kinda like the cinnamon bun (It tasted like pancakes to her), we unfortunately weren’t crazy about Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen. The desserts were rather pricey, ranging in $1.50-$6.00 per piece of slice, yet the flavors were bland. The saddest part was that halva, which I normally love, they offered wasn’t really halva, but an odd tasting truffle.

I will say that I do in giving food establishments a second chance. So, I may pay another visit and try one of their juices the next time I’m in the area.


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