Bagels in 5 Minutes a Day…with a Bread Machine!

Formed and rested

We love bagels. There’s nothing like a hot, crusty bagel loaded with whatever schmear you prefer. Unfortunately, many bagels are not vegan, some contain L-Cysteine, an animal byproduct that’s derived from duck feathers and used as a dough conditioner. Duck feathers?, YUCK!

Because few places make vegan bagels, Macaroon decided to make yummy some that we could enjoy. She found a rather easy recipe from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day by Zoe Francois and Jeff Hertzberg. It’s one of the coolest bread making books out there with simple, easy recipes for loaves that you think a master baker would only make.


Macaroon decided to use her new handy-dandy bread maker with the dough setting for the bagels. The batch ended up being indistinguishable from ones you would buy at a good bagel joint. We’re thinking about experimenting with various types of flavorings the next time we make them. Give ‘em a ride and tell us what you think.

And they’re done, son!

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