Saturday Morning Biscuits with a Side of (Tofu) Bacon

Last week, Artichoke made biscuits from a recipe shared by his friend Tina. They were really good. But anyone who knows me knows that I like to have a few recipes of the same dish in my arsenal to test. With that, I decided to make Basic Biscuits from the book, The 100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes by Kris Holechek, which was one of the lovely gifts I received from Artichoke for my birthday.
The book itself is amazing! For each recipe, the author notes the level of difficulty. So there’s no intimidation factor. With simple ingredients right from your pantry, you’re not having to shell out crazy amounts of money on rare food finds that you’ll only use one.
Now onto the biscuits! My idea of biscuits is that they’re simple breads to make yet so versatile in how you serve and eat them. With this recipe, I got just that. I seriously mixed, rolled, cut and baked them in about 30 minutes. Since Mommy Macaroon visiting while the biscuits were in the oven, I served hers piping hot with some butter (she can’t get away from dairy) and raspberry jam. Saturday morning, Artichoke had biscuits with Earth Balance and jam. I had mine with just Earth Balance. We both then added some tofu bacon, a recipe I found on, on the side.
So which biscuits were better? I have to go with these. The sweetness of Tina’s biscuits, thanks to the Truvia, did give them a nice distinct flavor, but Kris’ biscuits were the real deal, tried and true. They can go with any type of dish, sweet or savory.

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