Vegan Black Pepper Steaks in Black Pepper Sauce

I don’t know about you, but I rather like the frozen food section. Other than cutting down the cooking time, it also has given me the chance to try new types of foods without going crazy to scrounge up ingredients. One of our most recent finds has been Vegan Black Pepper Steak from VegeUSA.
Though pricey (approx. $5.99 for 10.5 oz), this soy-based “meat” product has one of the closest texture to beef that I’ve ever come across. It comes in its own black pepper sauce that has a nice combination of flavors. It tastes just like a dish you would get from your local Chinese restaurant. Unlike some Chinese entrées, it’s not overly salty, nor does it need anything added to it like soy sauce.
There are multiple ways to cook the steaks: stove top, oven or microwave. The most amount of time would be 12 minutes. So even if you’re in a hurry, you still have options as to how you can prepare and serve the steaks. I liked how Artichoke recently made them with brown rice, broccoli and peas. There was even extra sauce to use as a “gravy” for the rice.
Because we liked it so much, Artichoke and I have already picked up another box. We’ve also picked up their Citrus Sparerib Cutlets, which we will be trying tonight. If they’re halfway as good as the pepper steaks, then we’ll be in business….broke…but in business!

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