Pizza…No Need to Hold the Cheese

Hey kids! This first week of 2011 has been a busy one with a business trip, our car’s horn getting cracked (now fixed), snow and now Artichoke being sick. Oddly enough, there was no feeling of stress. Things have been going in stride.

Of course, since things have been busy, we haven’t had much time to cook dinner. Thank goodness for pizza. Unfortunately, we can’t get a vegan pizza from our favorite local pizzeria. However, we did find vegan frozen pizza. For someone like Artichoke, whose life has been pizza, it could be quite a trying experience to find one that he would like. We managed to do just that with the Tofurky brand.
It’s a thin-crust pizza with meltable cheese! Baked at 420 degrees for about 10 minutes, the crust gets nice and crispy, not not hard. The sauce and toppings are pretty flavorable, as I’ve found other frozen pizzas in the past rather bland. The pie is a bit small, but it feeds 2-3 people and is quite filling if having with chips or a salad.
Though it’s no one near as great as our local pizza, it’s pretty good. I really like the pepperoni one, but the Italian sausage isn’t half bad (we had pizza twice this week). I haven’t tried the plain cheese yet, but I’m sure it’s good as well.
See, being vegan isn’t as limiting as one would think!

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