McNulty’s Tea & Coffee Co.

Carmella loves the fact that McNulty’s does not use generic labels of their coffee bags, but instead, they use an individualized rubber stamps for each type of product they sell.

In an age of homogenized coffee shops and retro-stores, McNulty’s Tea & Coffee Co. is an oasis, proudly stuck in the late 19th century. This unpretentious landmark is nestled in the middle of neon Christopher Street in Greenwich Village, NYC, and shows no signs of folding despite the horrible financial crunch we are all experiencing.

McNulty’s offers an astounding range of exotic coffees and teas to the discerning tea and coffee drinking faithful. Even if you’re not a fan of coffee or tea, I suggest stopping by to peer at their window which displays coffee artifacts such as a 1930 Russian samovar and West Village bohemian-aged tea tins. The tiny and knowledgeable staff could not be more helpful or friendly. When you pop inside you’ll swear that you’ve stepped back in time when the country’s few coffee purveyors took pride in their products.

Recently I swung by and purchased a pound of Bavarian Cherry Chocolate. This was one of the most flavorful coffees I’ve had in eons. Subtle hints of chocolate and cherry were present with neither canceling the other out. This is just one of their many flavors of goodness that they offer. Now, don’t you think that McNulty’s is worth the schlep?

McNulty’s is located at 109 Christopher St, New York, NY 10014, USA


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