Hail Seitan!!

Yummy Seitan Cutlets

Since early June, Carlo and I have been eating vegetarian. It has made a big impact on our health and eating habits…and our wallets. We love the many alternatives that are out there, but the costs for some items, such as mock meats, can be rather expensive for what you actually consume.

I began scouring various vegetarian/vegan websites and forums, which are actually chock full of knowledge and yummy recipes. I didn’t know that you could actually make your own meat alternatives, like tempeh and seitan. The uses for both are many. So I decided to try my hand at seitan today.

There were so many complex recipes on how to make seitan, which is made from wheat gluten. Some required things like nutritional yeast flakes (not the yeast used in making bread or brewer’s yeast for beer) are hard to locate in stores. However, thanks to VegWeb.com, I found a recipe called “Easiest Seitan,” which lived up to its name.

The recipe used simple ingredients that you can find in almost any supermarket, except for maybe the vital wheat gluten flour (I actually found it in the baking section of Stop & Shop). It took really no effort to make the dough, which actually will more than double in size when it’s being boiled. You can use whatever seasoning you wish, as the dough will take on the flavor nicely. I used Old Bay seasoning for the batch I made today.

You have no idea how glad I am to have found this recipe. The seitan can be used for so many dishes. In fact, I actually used it to make Buffalo Wings, which were yummy.

If you want to learn how to make your own seitan, click here!


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