No Knead Bread

Recently, I heard a lot of buzz about an easy-peasy No Knead Bread recipe that was in the New York Times. It comes from Jim Lahey of the Sullivan Street Bakery, located in Manhattan. I also checked out a few blogs to see results and couldn’t believe how it was. So guess who decided to try?

With just a few ingredients, the bread really takes very little effort to make. All of the work is done during the lengthy rising time, which makes this a “Set It & Forget It” recipe. The simplicity of it is a huge plus!

Another cool thing about this recipe is that you actually bake the bread in a cast iron, enamel or ceramic pot. So I used my heavy duty pretty red Le Creuset pot. Who would have thunk it to be possible?

The end result was a very nice crusty “artisan” bread made with my very hands. It tastes delicious, especially with some natural peanut putter (a la Stew Leonards) and organic raspberry preserves (from Trader Joe’s). Apparently, our cat DJ Socks La Rock, like the bread too. I caught him munching on my piece!

You have to try it out for yourself! Click here.

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