$1500 for Groceries for One Year. Is It Possible?

Do you keep track of how much you spend in a year on groceries? We really don’t, but we figure we spend between $250-$350 per month for the two of us and our cats. If you multiply that by 12, then we’re easily spending over $3,000 for the year. That does not include dining out and Carlo’s insane Dunkin Donuts coffee cravings. If you calculate all of what we spend on all food (groceries, eating out, etc.), then we’re munching away on a good stack of cash.

Imagine a family of four (2 adults, 2 kids) sticking to a budget of $1500 for an entire year! I honestly couldn’t fathom it until I read a post on TheNest.com’s What’s Cooking board. It seems that one family is trying an experiment and keeping a blog, with cost saving tips and detailing what is being spent per meal. It’s very interesting to see how well they do. I’m pulling for them and may have to adopt some of their methods (like coupon clipping). I doubt it’ll truly work for those of us in cities like NYC.

You can follow the experiment yourself at http://livingon1500foroneyear.blogspot.com.

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