Moving It Over…

So I got this email yesterday from ICC (International Culinary Center) regarding two new food journalism courses they are offering. I’m thinking of signing up for the one on food blogging, despite its cost of near $800.00 for 8 classes (where are my priorities, right?).

After talking to Carlo about it. We started talking again about this lovely blog of ours. Carlo felt it was a bit stale and I kinda agree, especially since he hasn’t participated much. So we’ve decided to make a few changes, including the name and our approach.

In the next couple of weeks, we’re going to start up our new blog called The Macaroon & Artichoke ( We’re going to split up “responsibilities” on who’s going to write about what. And if I do take that course, maybe we’ll make it all snazzy and stuff. We may even try to get friends to post as well.

Ok, I’m going back to lay down in a sea of dizziness thanks to yesterday’s otal biopsy.


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