Cool Food Find!!!

On Saturday, we went to Chef Central in Hartsdale, NY to look for canning equipment. While checking out, we noticed that there was something with a Presidental Election theme at the register. What we found made us laugh – Barack Obama and John McCain hot sauces by Dave’s Gourmet, known for their “Insanity” hot sauces.

We should have taken a photo of the register, because the set-up was cool. The store had the sauces set up to gauge how customers planned to vote in the election. They plan on posting the results in a couple of weeks.

Since we’re a Pro-Obama household, we had to get the Barack Obama sauce. We also picked one up for Carm’s mom. We do plan on getting a bottle for a couple of our friends. If not to try the sauce, it makes a quirky “souvenir.”

For more info on Dave’s Gourmet sauces, visit

For more info on Chef Central, visit


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