I’m in Cakelove with Chocolate Butter (Cup)Cake!

I’m a baking fool this week…for everyone else. I made the Chocolate Chunkers for TWD. Then I made chocolate thumbprint cookies for our friend Matt. Next, was the Dimply Plum Cake (TWD) for my aunt Gertrude’s birthday. Last night, I made 2 dozen chocolate cupcakes for my mom’s friend Lilly, whose birthday is today!

Though I made Chocolate-Chocolate Cupcakes for Carlo’s birthday, I wanted to try a different chocolate cupcake recipe. I searched online, when it hit me!! I totally forgot that I had Warren Brown’s book Cakelove: How to Bake Cakes from Scratch in my library! How could have i forgotten, especially when I was such a fan on his when he was on the Food Network?!?! Silly me!

Cakelove is a great book for all levels of bakers. Warren gives detailed, yet simple, step by step instructions that will help even the most novice in the kitchen. He splits the ingredients by type: dry, liquid and creaming, so you know what things go together. He even notes if a cake recipe can be yielded for cupcakes, and he gives measurements for both sea level and higher altitudes. It’s got to be one of my favorite baking books yet. I still can’t believe I forgot that I had this book in my home!

Back to Lilly’s birthday goodies. I used Warren’s recipe for Chocolate Butter Cake (pg 97). It was really straight-forward and rather easy. Reading the steps beforehand and then implementing them, I didn’t realize how fast it was to make the batter. After all was incorporated, you were left a batter that looked and smelled just like chocolate mousse. YUM!

For the frosting, I used Warren’s Italian Merginue Buttercream (pg. 151). He gives variations on how to flavor it. I went with just vanilla with a splash of DaVinci (sugar-free) coconut syrup. I so wanted to have some of this! It looked so good!

Since I’m in a lazy mood after all of this, I’m going to direct you to check out Warren’s recipe for his butter cake that is at The Modesto Bee. Though the recipe is for his Yellow Butter Cake, you can substitute the potato starch for cocoa, since that’s the only difference between the two.

I hope you make and enjoy them!


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