TWD: Chocolate Chunkers

Once again, here we go with an amazing-smelling cookie recipe from Dorie Greenspan that I just cannot eat! Again, I was tempted, but the urge to indulgence quickly subsided after I counted 58 days since I’ve been on Atkins.

This week, fellow TWD member Claudia of Fool for Food selected Chocolate Chunkers from page 70 of Baking from My Home to Yours. If you do not have the book, check out Claudia’s site for the recipe.

After reviewing the recipe and seeing raisins and peanuts in the ingredients, I was quickly reminded of Raisinets and Goobers candies (I’m more of a Goobers girl). I thought of a cookie chock full of these and many kinds of chocolate. Oh, I so wish I could have eaten one of these.

The only thing that was done differently was using Lindt’s White Coconut chocolate bars instead of white chocolate chips. While baking, the coconut aroma was so mouth-watering. I was certain that it make these cookies all the more better.

The cookies were shared with Carlo’s co-workers. This time, meet Alberto, Jen and Dominick.

Carlo says that Alberto and a few others couldn’t stop themselves from eating more than one, two or three. In fact, Carlo said all of the cookies were gone before the end of the morning.

I’m definitely going to make these again!


7 Replies to “TWD: Chocolate Chunkers”

  1. Wow you are a strong soul…baking makes me HAVE to taste what I create. But good for you, sticking with it..! You can always make them again. I modified a bit and loved them.

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