Munchin on the Cookie Bars and Malted Drops

Meet Anthony, Eric, Isaiah Carlene, Theo and J.B.. They’re just a few of Carlo’s awesome co-workers who struted their stuff on the catwalk…er in the company pantry…and posed while grubbin on the Loaded Cookies in a Cookie Bars and Chocolate Whopper Malted Drops. They all gave Siskel & Ebert “Thumb’s Up” on both treats. THANKS GUYS!

Here they are:

Anthony – He’s a very nice guy who is a fan of comic books.

Eric – He’s a very musician from Brooklyn who has a passion for U.S. history. Check out his site at

Isaiah – One of the newest team owners in the Park Avenue Fantasy Football League. His team is called the Boogiedown Head Slappaz.

Carlene – She’s a new co-worker. Funny coincidence. Carlo’s dad is named Carl. His mom’s name is Arlene. Carl + Arlene = Carlene. Cool, eh?

UPDATED!!!! Photos of Theo, J.B. and the crumbs:


Poor Theo! No more cookies!!

“Man, I’m stuffed!”


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